Spring Green Monogram Napkins

H Napkins array

Here is a pretty array of monogram I just finished – don’t these look perfect for a Spring supper?  The color dulled a bit in my photos but they are a bright Kelly green.   So often I find myself embroidering commercial quality — either for children’s clothing or for testing designs that it can be a real treat to embroider on a beautiful quality linen.  These Frette napkins could not be lovelier or nicer to stitch on.   Because of the pattern on the napkins I opted for a very large, single letter monogram (the H’s are a little more than 4 inches tall) and a center rectangular fold for the napkin.  This was one of those times where traditional rules of monogram sizes and placement on napkins needed to be ignored so that the design could best fit the textile.

H Napkins detail 2


I chose the script H as a counterpoint to the geometric lines of the napkins. and like the way they play off each other.

Stack of Napkins

It is so satisfying to see a nice big stack of finished linens!  This is a set of 10 napkins so on my older machine it took a bit of time to complete.

Some quick embroidery tips:

1.  For finely woven items like this, I like to use a smaller needled — for these I used a size 75 sharp.

2.  These letters have quite a few stitches in them so I did a test sew out first at three different stitch densities — ultimately I chose to reduce the density to 90% so I didn’t over-embroider the fabric.

3.  I used a medium weight tear-away stabilizer to give support to the design.
Thank you for stopping by!

– Joanne


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  1. Jill (MamaGing) says:

    I LOVE monogrammed items and these napkins are gorgeous! I have a sewing machine that does embroidery and I’ve never learned that part yet – I’m too nervous LOL. I’d love to do some napkins and pillow cases. Thanks for sharing this on Inspiration Monday and reminding me I need to get over my intimidation and just do it! ~ MamaGing.com

    • joanne says:

      Hi Jill,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. You should definitely give your embroidery a whirl! If you are already a sewer, your learning curve should be so much easier than mine. Also there are so many fun ways to use just simple lettering or a single initial to transform a humble item into something so much more special. Let me know how it goes and you can always email with questions. Best wishes, – Joanne

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